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Meet the President


By the Mercy of One True GOD, ASLY INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, INC. (AITCI) was established in order to support, uplift and inspire all Filipinos who wanted to work in the field of Central Sterilization Service. It aims to support all Filipino CSS Technicians who wanted to enhance their expertise and equip themselves with authentic credentials that is concurrent to national and international standard. We develop reach-out programs that would help all Out of School Youths who wanted to have a decent job and uplift their livings regardless of their status quo. Ultimately, we wanted to be part of the good governance in building better community and inspiring all Filipino workers (OFW’s or Local) to contribute a remarkable and stable job in our country, In GOD’s will.
Apparently, ASLY INTERNATIONAL TRAINING CENTER, INC. (AITCI) is the only training school in the Philippines that offers one-year CENTRAL STERILE SERVICE and two-year course CENTRAL STERILE PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY. The training programs were accredited by Technical Education and Skills Development Authority (TESDA) under TVET program registration and associated by International Association for Healthcare Service Material Management. (IAHSMM).
Finally, we advocate honesty and admirable service to all our students and graduates. We chose to provide supports to other institution that promotes stability and long-term employment to all Central Sterile Technician’s.
We give all thanks and praise to One True GOD. Alhamdulillah!

One of the best training center that provide contemporary Sterilization System which is congruent in the National and International standard.
Our goal is to provide best quality education to the student with latest standard in medical-surgical sterilization process.  Study methods are highly competitive, quality-assured and system equipped that is relevant to our country and worldwide.

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    What is Central Sterile Supply Technician?

    CSS Technician is a valuable healthcare team member that decontaminates, sterilizes, and maintains instruments, equipment and supplies that are used in healthcare procedures and surgeries. They keep detailed records and follow specific procedures to protect the patients and healthcare staff from exposure to infection. CSS Technicians usually work 40 hours per week. Since hospitals provide care 24 hours per day every day of the year, some CSS Technicians will be scheduled for night and weekend shifts

    Where can I find employment as CSS Technician?

    Every hospital and clinic requires central sterile unit to prevent infection. And CSU will not be operated without qualified CSS Technician. Mostly, Certified CSS Technicians finds job abroad where they can hire direct or through agency. For Inquiries: Please contact our admin with these numbers; 09183743881 (smart) and 0923 3964438 (Sun). Email Address and Facebook page; ASLY International Training Center, Inc.

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